1. Disconnect garment from device.
  2. Open garment to expose all sides either by separating Velcro type hook and loop or by unzipping (depending on type of garment).
  3. Cleaning solution should consist of 1/3 cup of laundry detergent per 4 litre of warm tap water. Use either a large sink or plastic tub able to hold enough solution (depending on size and quantity of garments) to completely submerge the garment leaving the latch connector bars out of the water.
    Warning! Never allow the latch connectors to be submerged into the water. If water enters the inside of the garment, damage may occur to the device.
  4. Garment should be soaked for 30 minutes with mild agitation every 5 to 10 minutes while keeping it below water surface.
  5. Thoroughly rinse garment with warm tap water and allow to air dry.
  6. Harder to remove soil on surface of garment may require additional washing by hand with a clean towel while submerged. Avoid using any abrasive materials such as scrubbing pads or chemicals that could cause damage to the exterior surface of garment.
  7. Re-submerge garment for 30 minutes (with exception of tubing connectors) in solution consisting of 1 cup of bleach per 4 litres of warm tap water, again agitating garment every 5 to 10 minutes while keeping garment below water surface. Rinse garment thoroughly with warm tap water and allow to air dry. This completes the disinfecting step.

Warning! Do NOT place garment in washing machine

Warning! Do NOT use the tubing or valves as “handles” for carrying, hanging or storing garment.

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